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We bring you new and innovative ingredients for your cosmetic formulations.

We are specialists in oats and invite you to explore our website to learn more about us and our portfolio of exciting ingredients.

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Oat Cosmetics Team

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Advancing Oat Technology
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Oat Silk

(Avena sativa Meal Extract)



Oat Silk offers textural modification to even the

most basic emulsions.

Imparts a luxuriant and silky feel to skincare

creams and lotions.

"Our Natural Ingredients Make

Your Cosmetic Products Special"



We are an ingredient supplier, specialising in

sustainable organic and natural oat cosmetic


Do you want to know

how to use our oat

ingredients in your

cosmetic formulations?



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Are you looking for natural

ingredients with proven efficacy

to improve your formulations?



Our oat cosmetic certified natural ingredients

hold the solution. Cost effective natural sustainable

ingredients with proven results.

Oat formulation advice?



We offer you an oat formulation eBook

containing over 65 exciting cosmetic formulation

ideas for skin and hair care.


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Oat COM - Colloidal Oatmeal

(Avena sativa Kernel Flour)



Use our colloidal oatmeal as an active base

adapted for all skin types.  Excellent non greasy

skin sensation leaving the skin soft and moist.

Proven efficacy through skin trial.

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