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Avena Sativa Oat Meal Extract - Oat Silk Natural Skin Care

Avena sativa (Oat) Meal Extract

Oat Silk offers textural modification to even the most basic emulsions and imparts a luxuriant and silky feel to skincare creams and lotions.”

Ingredient Information

Ingredient Summary

Oat Silk

Oat Silk is an oat flour extract designed to offer textural modification of skin care and colour cosmetic formulations. These fine off-white powders are produced by removing the outer bran layer of the oat kernel and selectively fine milling the extract. Unlike other cereal flours, oat flour is naturally high in lipids which increase the ingredient’s efficacy and functionality making them easy to use.


Oat Silk Grades

What is it?

Oat Silk is a superfine oat flour milled from debranned oats. Rich in lipids as well as starch and low in proteins, these ingredients provide safe rheological and textural properties in your cosmetic formulations. In your formulated creams and lotions, Oat silk will remove greasiness and add structure in addition to providing a silky tactile feel.
What would you use it for?

Oat Silk is a luxuriant texturising ingredient that transforms the sensory attributes of skin care and colour cosmetic formulations. It is a highly versatile ingredient and can by used in a wide a range of products, including powders, lotions and creams. See our formulation database for ideas.
Why would you use it?

Oat Silk - Oat Silk adds a luxury feel to a wide range of cosmetic products. It has an immediate brightening and mattifying effect on skin tone and imparts a luxuriant and silky feel to skincare creams and lotions. This finely milled oat flour extract offers high compactibility. Oat Silk is naturally high in polar lipids, increasing the ingredient's efficacy and functionality making it easier to use.
Oat Silk is a cost-effective, easy to formulate, versatile ingredient.

Oat Silk Certification

Technical Specification

Oat Silk specification
Pack Size

Oat Silk is available in:

- 25 kg sacks
- 5 kg pails